Childhood Obesity In Australia

Changing Lives ATA Martial Arts TOP 10 Ways to Prevent Childhood Obesity plus 5 Ways to get your children into shape from Dr. Oz, as seen on Oprah!

Changing Lives ATA Martial Arts in Virginia Beach and Chesapeake is concerned about the dire reports we have seen about childhood obesity becoming rampant in America. This is not an experience we wish on any child, it is a scary thing. Preventing obesity can be easy and empowering for children. Parents and care givers need to allow them to have control over their bodies. Teach them to take control of their real needs and treat their bodies with love and respect; much like the traditional life skills we teach at Changing Lives ATA Martial Arts.

Recently on Oprah, Dr. Oz said that the goal with children is to allow the growth to be the weight loss. So when the child gets taller, they dont gain more weight. In these cases the children lost weight because they had excessive.

Dr. Oz told the Oprah audience the top 5 ways to help get your children into shape. They are as follows:

* Never withhold food that is in the house. If you dont want the kids to eat it then dont buy it and bring it home. By singling the child out they can develop unhealthy desires for the foods that they cannot have making them want it all the more.
* Never eat dinner in front of the television.
* Have your kids eat 7 10 grams of fiber every day for breakfast.
* Healthy foods such as vegetables have to be tried at least 10 times before it will be accepted by children.
* Get moving as a family. You can become active by getting a pet that you can take on a daily walk. Dr. Oz has the Dance Dance Revolution game at his house to keep everyone at an active weight or try enrolling in martial arts classes. Changing Lives ATA Martial Arts in Virginia Beach and Chesapeake is offering family discounts and enrolling new members now. We have four Hampton Roads locations to serve you.

In addition to what Dr. Oz is suggesting above, Senior Master T. L. Thomas, Master Instructor at Changing Lives ATA Martial Arts in Virginia Beach and Chesapeake suggests the following 10 Tips to Help Prevent Childhood Obesity:

* Allow children to be in charge of the food they eat. Children thrive on self control.
* Make all foods equal and teach children to check in with their bodies and choose foods based on what their bodies are asking for. Encourage your child to respect their bodies.
* Encourage children to know when they are full and to stop eating at that point. Focusing is a key life skill we teach at Changing Lives ATA Martial Arts.
* Let them eat according to their own hunger patterns, rather than according to external schedules. Senior Master Thomas suggests eating a healthy snack before coming to your taekwondo class or exercising, this can help a child become disciplined with their training/exercise program.
* De-emphasize body shape and weight. Encourage children to love and accept their bodies unconditionally. Self-esteem is a key life skill taught at Changing Lives ATA Martial Arts.
* Help them find ways to move and play so they get enjoyable exercise every day. We have many families enrolled at our academies, Families that Kick Together, Stick Together.
* Love them unconditionally, and dont make derogatory comments about their looks or weight. Children need way to build their confidence, martial arts is an individual sport that allows children to progress at their own pace.
* Be sure they never get started on the damaging cycle of dieting and bingeing. As always, encourage them to live a healthy, active lifestyle. It is important for children to be courteous to their bodies.
* Let food fuel the body. Dont turn it into a reward or save certain things to be a special treat. On a further note, dont use grounding a child from a sports/healthy activity as a form of punishment. Our instructors at Changing Lives ATA Martial Arts encourage parents to communicate on progress at home and in school and help the children to use their ATA Life Skills to do the right thing. We encourage the children by rewarding them in class for positive behavior
* Teach children to honor and respect others and not to make fun of someone that is overweight. Ask your instructor for permission to bring your family members, friends, classmates, and neighbors for a FREE 3 Day Confidence Course or call today to schedule your first class.