Boot Camp Exercises

For anyone who wants to get into great body shape, it is best to stick to the basic exercises often used in boot camps. The following 5 exercises are what I would recommend to anyone who wants a fat-burning workout that provides the best results for general fitness.


Push-up, a favorite for military fitness, is the best bodyweight exercise for training the chest, frontal shoulder and triceps. It is also a great exercise for the core muscles as well. Without bracing the abdominals, it is not possible to perform the exercise with sound techniques. Push-ups can be performed with different variation such as diamond push-ups, staggered arms position push-up and one arm push-ups.


Pull-ups or chin-ups are great workout for the upper back muscles mainly targeting the latissimus dorsi and bicep brachii. Like the push-up, it requires the bracing of the abdominal muscles to achieve sound techniques while hanging from the pull-up bar. Pull-ups can be performed with alternate grips on the bar or even with one arm. It is an excellent exercise for improving the posture as it works on the postural muscles on the upper body.


Excellent leg workout and must-have exercise in any boot camp workout. It can be performed with different variations such as sumo squats, one leg squat and jumping squats. Squats train mainly the quadriceps group and glutes muscles and require core stability to hold the spine in a neutral position. As it is a compound movement that works multiple muscle groups in the body, it burns high amount of calories that is important in weight loss.


Another great exercise for the legs that works quadriceps group and glutes muscles as well. The variations are jumping lunges, walking lunges and side lunges. It is also an excellent way to teach the body to balance and is a very functional movement that can be carried over to our daily movement.


The best exercise to get the heart rate up. One cycle of burpee is achieved by quickly getting into a low squat position, with the hands on the ground in front of you followed by performing a swift kick back that would put you in a push-up position. Then jump back into the previous position and stand up. Burpees performed quickly repeated without rest within 30 seconds can provide a great cardiovascular workout. For individual with high level of fitness, it is recommended to extend the time for burpees.