Kick Start Diet

The Kick Start Diet works in three stages, with each stage offering more food choices. Stage one is centered around vegetable-heavy soups. The soup boots energy levels and promotes a healthy immune system, and because it is an extremely low calorie meal, dieters can eat as much as they like. In addition to the soup, the plan allows for some meats, rice and fruit as well. Dieters are also expected to begin a 30-minute a day exercise plan to build cardiovascular and muscle health. This portion of the Kick Start Diet does just that – “kick starts” the dieter’s healthy lifestyle. It detoxes the body from processed and fatty foods, but keeps the dieter full. This stage is only a week long, so round about the time most dieters start to feel deprived (and cheat), stage two kicks in.

Stage two of the Kick Start Diet introduces more food choices, reducing the likelihood that the dieter will fall off the wagon. The foods introduced in this stage are low on the Glycemic Index (GI). The Glycemic index measures the likelihood that a sugar or carbohydrate will raise blood sugar levels. High blood sugar is bad because it means your body is going to store fat instead of burn it. The Kick Start Diet suggests that these low GI foods be introduced by preparing regular meals, but replacing the ingredients with low GI foods. The dieter can also use the soup from stage one as a snack to stave off hunger. Again, dieters in this stage are encouraged to continue their 30 minute exercise plan.

Stage three of the Kick Start Diet introduces even more food choices into the menu. It focuses on preparing balanced, healthy meals that have a low GI, and continuing on the healthy exercise plan. By this point, the dieter should feel comfortable with low GI foods and making healthy food decisions. Introducing more foods keeps the dieter from craving variety that most diets lack. Stage three is the “reward” for stages one and two. By now the dieter’s habits should have been “kick started” on a healthy path to eating well and exercising regularly, promoting healthy weight loss and maintenance.

So unlike other diets, like the Atkins, the Lemon Detox or even novelty diets like the Chocolate Frog Diet, the Kick Start Diet lets you eat normal food without being restricted to only rabbit food.