Diets To Lose Weight Fast

Are you wondering what the diet to lose weight fast is?

Losing Weight is not as difficult as you might have thought. But what is important is that your weight should be lost gradually. Following a proper diet will lead to visible unbelievable miracles. A balanced diet to lose weight fast will also lead to wellness and fitness of the body.

The following is a well tested diet that can be blindly adopted by anyone who wants to lose weight.

The procedure is mentioned for one week. The same has to be followed for at least 2-3 weeks for a fit body.

The diet to lose weight fast will follow the following schedule:

Day One

The diet to lose weight fast will include eating all fruits except for bananas on the first day. The first day will consist of consuming all the fruits you want to consume. It is very strongly suggested that you consume lots of melons, like watermelons and loupe. In case you want quick result, then you will have to limit the fruit consumption to only melons. In this case the chances are very high that you will lose around 3 lbs. on first day itself.

Day Two

Eat only vegetables. You can carry on eating until you are well stuffed with the vegetables of your choice either raw or else cooked. There is no restriction on either the type, kind or the quantity. It is still advisable to prefer boiled and baked vegetable. Needless to say, in case the vegetable is cooked in a pan, ensure that minimum amount of oil is used. The choice of oil is also important. Olive oil is considered fat free and is recommended for cooking. Avoid potatoes.

Day Three

You can eat a mixture of vegetables and fruits of your choice. The diet to lose weight will include no restriction on the amount of fruits and vegetables you eat. The day 1 and day 2 restrictions of no banana and no potatoes remains the same.

Day Four

The diet to lose weight fast will have Bananas and milk on the fourth day. Today you will eat a maximum of eight bananas and you can drink a maximum of three glasses of milk. The milk has to be fat free. This will be clubbed with the special soup, made out of vegetables, which may be consumed in limited quantities.

Day Five

Today is the only feast day. The diet to lose weight will allow you to eat beef and also tomatoes but this is only for one day. Eat a maximum of 2 10 oz. portions of healthy beef. Combine beef with 6 tomatoes. On day five, you must increase your water intake to 10 glasses. This is to clean all the toxics from your system. In case you are a vegetarian, you can have some amount of paneer (cottage cheese).

Day Six

Today eat Beef (paneer, if you are a vegetarian) and vegetables. Today you may eat an unlimited amount of vegetable but limited amount of beef. Eat till your heart is contended.

Day Seven

Today the food intake for you will consist of only brown rice, fruits and all the different vegetables you want to consume.

Now, you know the diet to lose weight fast. What are you waiting for?